Remember the 3D car ad? This is better.

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3D Baseball cards.  What’s next?

Video here.

Facial recognition used to take class attendance

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A U.K. school has implemented a system that uses facial recognition to take daily attendance.  Approach the gadget, enter your PIN number and your are present.  Video of the process right here.

This is a nice first step.  What I want is a camera that scans the class just after second bell and tallies those that are present.  Ten minutes later it scans again to see who arrived after first scan and marks them tardy.  All others are just absent.

And I’m still holding out for textbooks on a Kindle.

Personal sub inspired by French comic book

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The creator of the new Super Falcon luxury sub credits a 1972 Tintin comic with the inspiration for his design.  Unlike traditional subs this one flies through the water instead of relying on ballast to move to shallow or deeper water. 

It’s yours’ for $1.3 million dollars.  Start saving.

CNN does it justice here.

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Microsoft creates virtual receptionist

The interaction between computer/humanoid (Skynet) is amazing. Play close attention to the heads up display. Terminator anyone?

Comcast offering 50 mbps for $139.95/month

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So you are still reading after seeing that price?  Is it worth $1679.40 a year to download an HD movie in 16 minutes?  Read the rest of the story here.

Micro$oft offers a glimpse of future computing

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M$’s latest view of the future computing offers a lot of eye candy, interesting ideas for schools and a world where you will constantly clean the glass.  Lots of glass.

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