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Thursday news

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East Bay teen creates furniture from traffic signs

Bay Area cameos in new Pixar movie

Google expects 18-20 Android phones to be released in 2009

The Maker Faire countdown continues – I’ll be there on Sunday. 

Tuesday news

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Apple WWDC 2009 preview

New Yorker cover art 100% drawn on an iPhone

DIY projects that we should have done this weekend

New Palm Pre preview video featuring calendar, phone, email and search (on the phone, Google, Wikipedia)

Five days til Maker Faire!!

Weekend roundup

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Twitter’s popularity skyrockets as MySpace’s plummets.

I searched “unemployment rate west virginia” in Google (long story) and the first result was this useful graph.  Not sure how to trigger the Google to do this with more data.

New Palm due on AT&T in the Fall of 09– and it’s not the Pre.

Twenty-two page Sprint document previews the Pre

$99 computer the size of an AC adapter – runs Linux.  USB/Ethernet but no monitor?!

Friday News and Rumors

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Wired talks about new iPhone plans for the frugal

DealWaiter lurks until your product’s low price is found and then emails or Twitters you with the good news

Wired: Palm Pre vs. iPhone – details

Create hidden speakers with old books

Food video

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Take Home Chef

Alton Brown

Everyday Italian

Atomic Learning

Official Palm Pre release date set for June 6

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Upstaging Apple’s WWDC conference by two days, Sprint has announced that it will start selling the Pre on June 6th.  For $199 after rebate and with a two year contract.

Did Sprint intentionally choose the 65th anniversary for the rollout of the Pre?  Attaching Apple?


Battle of the Phone Rumors

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Rumor #1 – the New York Times reports that the Palm Pre will be released the first week in June. On Sprint (sigh).  I’m betting sooner so that they beat whatever Apple is planning.

Rumor @2 – Apple will release either a new, cheaper iPhone, a new, cheaper iPhone rate plan or both.  The rate plan might drop to limited-access level for $20/month.  That’s ten bucks less than the current plan.  As the comments point out, if ten dollars a month separates you from having the iPhone you can’t afford the plan.

News update

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Rugged Dell Netbook ready for schools – available in colors for $369

You could use EeeRotate to turn your netbook into a book reader

Or buy this pocket sized book reader by Bookeen

Skynet update: military to use (700 page) paperback sized robot in battle.  This is how it starts, people.

Rumor mill: Archos to debut 5 inch Android equipped touchscreen tablet on June 11th?

DIY Air Conditioning Roundup

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Today’s sudden heat wave inspired me to make my own air conditioner.  I haven’t started the project yet but many others have posted their efforts for DIY AC online.  Before you start remember the following:

  • electricity and water don’t mix
  • watch out for leaks

Here are some of the best so far: – this guy gets credit for making the first DIY AC that earned major Internet attention. 

Make Magazine’s DIY Air Conditioner

Desktop AC made from a styrofoam takeout container – this Instructable tutorial has links to many other DIY AC plans

Loads of offerings on YouTube as well – do you own search.  Here’s a 4:27 tutorial.

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