Battle of the Phone Rumors

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Rumor #1 – the New York Times reports that the Palm Pre will be released the first week in June. On Sprint (sigh).  I’m betting sooner so that they beat whatever Apple is planning.

Rumor @2 – Apple will release either a new, cheaper iPhone, a new, cheaper iPhone rate plan or both.  The rate plan might drop to limited-access level for $20/month.  That’s ten bucks less than the current plan.  As the comments point out, if ten dollars a month separates you from having the iPhone you can’t afford the plan.

News update

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Rugged Dell Netbook ready for schools – available in colors for $369

You could use EeeRotate to turn your netbook into a book reader

Or buy this pocket sized book reader by Bookeen

Skynet update: military to use (700 page) paperback sized robot in battle.  This is how it starts, people.

Rumor mill: Archos to debut 5 inch Android equipped touchscreen tablet on June 11th?

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