Not your last blog post

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You have started your blogging career over the last few weeks.  Don’t stop now.  Keep the momentum alive.  Watch your stats.

Here’s your blogging mission for the day.  By the time the final is over you will:
-provide me with some details about your blog
-submit your blog to Google
-write two posts and email them to me Continue Reading Not your last blog post…

New iPhone 3GS…meh

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Ok, so you can read about the tech differences between iPhone 2G and 3GS in many places. My rant is about the new $99 price for the 3G.  For those of us who haven’t purchased an iPhone by now the issue is not the price of the phone.  Bummer for someone who bought a 3G in the recent past.

For me the price of the phone isn’t an issue.  It’s the price of the monthly service.  Continue Reading New iPhone 3GS…meh…

Blogging Monday: YouTube

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Today’s mission is to integrate a relevant YouTube video into your blog.  The key is relevance.  It relate to your blog topic.  Don’t put in another car crash compliation if you are writing about new music.  Leave the car crashes to another site.

IDEAS: Review a commercial, revisit a song, find a clip that is USEFUL to your audience, find a clip that teaches them something.

1. Find a YouTube clip that relates to your topic.  Can’t find it on YT?  Search vimeo, prelinger archive, etc.

2. Watch the clip.  What are you writing about?  The point is not just to post the video but also to write intelligently about the clip.

3. Add the clip to your post.

4. Write and publish.

Blogging Friday

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1) Build your blogroll– this the list of blogs that you link to.  Find at least three blogs that relate to your own topic and add them to your list of links.  Add at least two blogs from my class or Mr. Boaz’ class.  Milstead’s blogs here. Boaz’ links.

2) Comment on blogs – Comment on two non-class blogs and two class blogs.  Use these guidelines for your comments: Continue Reading Blogging Friday…

Friday news

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Engadget’s page for Monday’s WWDC live blog page – starts at 10 am our time

Palm Pre review comparison

New Pre Commercial – Olympic Opening Cermonies, anyone?

Robot Baby Carriage – why didn’t this exist two years ago? WHY???!!!

WSJ confirms new iPhone rumors twice in one article. Bonus: Twitter feed used as source

Google Street View offers pancake nav and a new zoom tool – search and see

Gizmodo’s Palm Pre review

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After one week of use Gizmodo has reviewed the Palm Pre.  Interesting info about the hardware. 

Read the full review here.

Wednesday Roundup

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Tetris turns 25 years old

Will we get a $99 iPhone on June 11th?

BestBuy bracing for iPhone 3G rumors

Maker Faire 2009 video

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