Blogging Friday

June 5, 2009 at 1:11 pm | Posted in tech | 1 Comment


1) Build your blogroll– this the list of blogs that you link to.  Find at least three blogs that relate to your own topic and add them to your list of links.  Add at least two blogs from my class or Mr. Boaz’ class.  Milstead’s blogs here. Boaz’ links.

2) Comment on blogs – Comment on two non-class blogs and two class blogs.  Use these guidelines for your comments:

A few rules for leaving comments on blogs or forums –

BE USEFUL! Contribute something to the conversation that moves the point forward.  This makes you look less like a spammer and more like an intelligent person that cares about their topic.

ONLY INCLUDE LINKS TO YOUR BLOG WITHIN THE COMMENT IF IT MOVES THE CONVERSATION FORWARD. You’ve already got a link to your site in your signature, you don’t need to put one in the comment just for the heck of it.  If one of your posts illustrates your point in the comment, then by all means include a link.

DON’T BE PITHY.  Avoid making comments like “good post” or “ I agree.”  These comments don’t say anything useful and they look spammy.

3) Write write write- here’s an idea for your next post.


Many people think that you want to keep your readers on your site and not send them away to a “Competitor.”  Not so – we’re all one big happy blogging family here.  We should all help each other out!

Find a post on another blog that you think your readers will find useful and then add your thoughts on the topic.

A good link post will:

  • Provide a brief summary of the original author’s point
  • A link to the post
  • Some original thought around the post that does one of the following things:
  • Illustrates the point with original examples
  • Expands upon the topic
  • Offers an opposing point of view

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  1. How intelligent should I look?

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