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You have started your blogging career over the last few weeks.  Don’t stop now.  Keep the momentum alive.  Watch your stats.

Here’s your blogging mission for the day.  By the time the final is over you will:
-provide me with some details about your blog
-submit your blog to Google
-write two posts and email them to me

Part I

1. Login to and check out your stats.  Print your stats page and write your name on the hard copy.  Please give it to the substitute teacher.

2. Submit your blog to Google: go to

and enter the URL of your blog into the appropriate box.  In the comments box enter some keywords that relate to your blog.  Be specific and useful.

3. It will take a few weeks for Google to catch on that you exist but, trust me, it knows.  Your blog lives.  Consider that your blog is your public face.  Do you need to edit any of your posts so that they are less personal/more polished/represent you better.

4. Check out the newest blogs that Web Design created during their final exam.  Write some comments and give  em some enouragement.

Part II – your blog posts

You will write two blog posts during today’s final exam.  Read on for details.

1. NEWS POST – search Google for news related to your subject area.  For my Marin Staycation blog I might write about:
-some Marin events scheduled for the month of June:
-The Best Place to Watch the Dipsea (the race on Tam this Sunday)
-Gas Prices are going up – stay home and vacation:

Think about what events might affect your blog’s subject area.  Are more people keeping chickens at home?  Why?  What’s the deal with the new solar-roof Prius?  What came out of E3 that is a new trend?

Your news post should include:
-your reaction/summary of news relevant to your blog topic.  Write in your own words. Do not copy and paste.
-a working link to your news article

2. WHAT’S NEXT POST: Now it’s time for you to decide – will you continue your blog or close it after this post?  Your decision determines what your write.

If you are continuing to write then layout your plan for your readers. Tell them what you will focus on for the next few weeks that relates to your blog. Remember, this is not Facebook.  They don’t want to know that you are going to the beach unless your blog about beaches.  Give your readers a preview of what is coming up in the next month on your blog.  My Marin Staycation blog would list my plans for what is next:

Upcoming Posts at Marin Staycation
Check back over the next week for posts about vacationing with your dog in Marin, how to stay cool during a Marin heat wave, take a “learning vacation in Marin” and Marin Surf Spots for the armchair Surfer.

If you are ending your blog as of today (are your sure?!) then write your final post.  Thank your readers for their time and give them links to three other blogs that relate to your subject area. Don’t leave them hanging.

Email the URL of your blog to me at with the words “final blog” in the subject line.

What about the videos? Copy your video to the N drive–>Intro to Computers folder–>Milstead–>Video folder.
Thanks for a great year!  Keep blogging!

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