Programming: Rebuild your robots

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Follow the link and let’s rebuild:

Then try your line follower again.

Computer Graphics: Split Screen

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In this assignment you will modify HALF of an image.  One half might be rainy and dark, the other a bright summer day.  Or new vs. worn and aged.


1. Find an image of a structure, building, mountain, house, etc.  Save it to your H drive.

2. Open it up in Photoshop and select HALF of the image.  Copy/paste onto a new layer.

3. For each change that you make a new layer (Layer>New Layer). Name your  layers to make it easy.

4. Look at images for inspiration.  Search for tutorials like “rain effect Photoshop”.

5. Use brushes: and learn how to put them into PhotoShop.

6. Save your final piece as a PSD file into the N drive, Computer Graphics, Split Screen folder.

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