Computer Graphics: Solar House

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This project is inspired by the recently completed Solar Decathlon competition.   View the contest rankings and links to all competitors here.

The purpose of the contest was to create and build a one story house no larger than 800 square feet.  There were 78 pages of rules for the contest.  Our guidelines will be a bit simpler.

Using Sketchup, create a house that meets the following requirements:

-is no larger than 800 square feet in it’s footprint (the area that it covers)
-uses available surfaces on the house for solar panels
-points the solar panels south for maximum sunshine
-has at least one bedroom and one full size bathroom with walls
-interior doors are at least 8 inches thick
-has a kitchen
-has at least one door and windows on at least two walls

Programming: Building your first custom Google Map

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Part 1: Follow this link for a great tutorial that gives you control over a Google map.

You will create the page in Dreamweaver.

Here’s the tutorial.

Upload your custom map to your website and email the link to  Type “MAP” in the subject line of your email.

Useful link: longitude/latitude finder – clickable map

Part 2: Now that you have enjoyed the basic functions of a Google Map check out the Google Map Developer resource (you a developer now!) and start with Basics following the link on the left hand menu.

Yuppie 911

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Too much.

My letter to Michael’s craft store

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Went shopping for a some DIY gear at the San Rafael Michael’s store this morning.   Here’s what I sent them when I returned home.

“Recently, I had an interesting – not bad- experience in your San Rafael store.  Armed with a 40% off coupon I asked two salespeople “what should I buy” with this great deal.  They didn’t have any ideas.  More interestingly, they didn’t ask “what do you do?”

Which leads me to the conversation that I had with another customer.  Continue Reading My letter to Michael’s craft store…

Friday News Roundup

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Cars of the future from the Tokyo Auto Show

Windows 7 gets some TV time showcasing the dreams of regular folks

…and Apple welcomes Windows 7 in their own special way (nice mullet)
Motorola leaks their new Android phone (in desperation?)  Seriously.  After having my dreams dashed by the Pre this may be legit iPhone competition. What do you think?

Barnes and Noble releases eBook – is Kindle scared?

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Watch the video and see for yourself.

15 year old opens robot store

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From the Makezine blog: The BW Science Labs Store is an idea I’ve had for a while now, but it has taken a lot of work to get it up and running. There is currently 1 kit available, the Vivus the Robot kit. I’ve seen a lot of those really low-quality $20 robots where you clap your hands and they twitch, and I’ve seen $400 robots with a great deal of functionality. I wanted to make something in between, and that’s exactly what Vivus is. During prototyping I wanted to make a “real robot”, one that was autonomous and could truly act on its own, while trying to keep the cost down as well.

High schools pilot digital textbooks

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Intro to Computers: Vocab Mid Term

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Click here for the vocabulary mid-term exam

Teens value entrepreneurship

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A recent Junior Achievement survey of 1000 teens provides the following info:
-92% think entrepreneurship should be taught in high school
-51% want to start a business one day
-88% think that starting a business would be difficult or extremely difficult

Read the executive survey right here (PDF).

Oh, and teens admire Steve Jobs more than Oprah.  Guess Oprah had better get a name out on a phone.

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