CG: Package Design

October 8, 2009 at 8:44 am | Posted in tech | Leave a comment

Your mission is to create a package design in Photoshop using one of the many templates available.  Templates are on the N drive->Computer Graphics->packaging.

Your final product will be a full color, assembled version of your package design.

You choose:

-the product you wish to package

-the package layout.

Each package design must have:

-at least three images

-text that indicates the product name, description and price.  Ingredients?

-at least two colors

-a barcode

-all sides – including the bottom – must have color or graphics


1. Choose a package template.

2. Copy it to your H drive and print it out.

3. Draw – yes, draw- your design on the template and then put it together.  Use scissors and tape.  Use markers if you want to add color.  Or just label colors in your design.


1. Open your template in Photoshop.  You MAY have to switch it to RGB.

2. Make a copy of the background layer.

3. Recreate your draft design in Photoshop.


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