Computer Graphics: Solar House

October 29, 2009 at 9:11 am | Posted in tech | Leave a comment

This project is inspired by the recently completed Solar Decathlon competition.   View the contest rankings and links to all competitors here.

The purpose of the contest was to create and build a one story house no larger than 800 square feet.  There were 78 pages of rules for the contest.  Our guidelines will be a bit simpler.

Using Sketchup, create a house that meets the following requirements:

-is no larger than 800 square feet in it’s footprint (the area that it covers)
-uses available surfaces on the house for solar panels
-points the solar panels south for maximum sunshine
-has at least one bedroom and one full size bathroom with walls
-interior doors are at least 8 inches thick
-has a kitchen
-has at least one door and windows on at least two walls

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