Mythbusters at the White House

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Nythbusters at the White HouseGizmodo had their favorite line from President Obama’s recent speech about his “‘Educate to Innovate‘ campaign to improve the participation and performance of America’s students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).”  My own personal fav came from the President’s introduction of the Mythbusters crew:

“Welcome Mythbusters from the Discovery Channel…where are they? There they are. I hope you guys left the explosives at home.”

Geek in Chief, indeed.

Unity Tutorials

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Quality, free Unity tutorials.  part 1 below – the rest are on YouTube via TornadoTwins.

Design your own homepage

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Now’s tje chance to put your brand new Fireworks skills to work.  Think about building a homepage. For almost anything.  It could be about you, a favorite band, a class, a movie….the list is endless.  Here are the details:

1. Open up Fireworks and create a new image that is 900×600 pixels.

2. Do some deep thinking.  What’s your page going to be about?

3. Gather images for your design.  Look textures by searching Google images for “rock texture” or “beach sand texture”.  Click here for inspiration.

4. Add at least three FAKE buttons (they won’t go anywhere) to your homepage.

5. Use images, fonts and textures to create an engaging design. Break out of the typical boxy web layout.  Be free.

Another balloon in outer space

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Thought for sure this would turn out to be another “balloon boy” hoax but this family of experimenters looks legit.  Made me wonder if the Drake Maker Club should have pursued our balloon in space dreams after all.  Then I realized that this family had a big chunk of Alberta to use as a launch and recovery site.  Not quite as crowded as our neighborhood.

Stick with the video for the first few minutes  – it picks up the pace.

Future birthday ideas

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We celebrated my son’s sixth birthday this past weekend in our backyard.  Each of friends built a rocket (or several) and the launched them via compressed air rocket launcher.

Grab your safety goggles and build your own rocket launcher using these plans:

I made the rockets out of foam pipe insulation, duct tape an sheet foam for the fins.

All this fun got me to thinking…. Continue Reading Future birthday ideas…

Game script

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Today’s mission is to write a script for your proposed game. Remember that your target audience is a five year old and that your goal is to create an educational game that is engaging.  You have the freedom to choose WHAT the focus is – learning colors, spelling, numbers, basic math.

Use one of these resources:

What’s going on at engadget?

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This is all I see.  New site design?  Corporate takeover?  Big ad blitz?  We’ll see soon enough.  I’m not staying up to find out.

Intro to Computers: Quiz

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Here’s the file and software management quiz!

Holy Batboat! Stealth ship chases whalers!

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Click here.  Crazy.

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iRobot’s Soft Morphing Blob ‘Bot Takes Its First Steps

FF to 2:00 and brace yourself. You will sleep with the light on after watching this seething orb “walk”.

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