Future birthday ideas

November 23, 2009 at 10:49 pm | Posted in tech | Leave a comment

We celebrated my son’s sixth birthday this past weekend in our backyard.  Each of friends built a rocket (or several) and the launched them via compressed air rocket launcher.

Grab your safety goggles and build your own rocket launcher using these plans: http://tayloranderson.net/rocket_launcher/

I made the rockets out of foam pipe insulation, duct tape an sheet foam for the fins.

All this fun got me to thinking….what should I do for his next birthday?  After all, I only have a year to sort it out.

Thinking about our backyard, bordered by the houses on three sides and a wooded hillside on the fourth, it would be fun to build something that could be controlled.  Like a remote controlled blimp.  It could shoot pics of the kids, drop presents, etc.  Maybe if there were two blimps the kids could fly them in blimp-sumo-combat.

So I searched for DIY RC BLIMP and, through the magic of the Internet, stumbled upon this great video from last year’s Maker Faire.  Chris Anderson, WIRED Mag editor, describes his success at building cheap flying robots (UAVs).  Truly worth your ten minutes of viewing time.  Amazing that this can be built for less than $600.

Searched a bit more about Mr. Anderson and UAV and came across this video clip from WIRED’s TV program.  Anderson got a group of DIY UAV geeks together at Alameda NAS to fly their creations.  Now I’m totally hooked. Keep your eye on the skies.

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