Intro to Computers: Video Blog Post

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Today’s blog post will focus on adding a video to your blog and writing a relevant post.

1.  Locate a school appropriate YouTube clip that relates to your blog topic.

2. Add the clip to your post using these handy instructions.

3. Write about the video.

4. Now look at ways to promote your blog online. Promote yourself.

Intro to Computers: your next blog post

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Today’s post will focus on a particular person, place, or event related to your field.  This post gives a outline and provides information for your readers.

Here’s some more information about your profile post:

Profile posts are similar to case studies but focus in on a particular person. Pick an interesting personality in your niche and do a little research on them to present to your readers. Point out how they’ve reached the position they are in and write about the characteristics that they have Continue Reading Intro to Computers: your next blog post…

VIDEO: Crazy flight up valley

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Watch the super slo-mo version of the fog bound brush VERY close to the right side of the aircraft.  Then listen to the nervous laughter as pilot and passengers inspect damage to aircraft and, hopefully, fell very lucky.

Video on

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