Graphics- the last project

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Remember way back at the start of the semester? You made some great posters to advertise the Drake Maker Club.

To wrap up the semester I’d like you to make a flyer (8.5×11) that promotes Computer Graphics to Drake students.  Show off your work, your technique and your skills.  Use color.  Make sure that you set the resolution to 180 so that it prints well.


-landscape or portrait
-8.5×11 with 180 dpi resolution
-use the phrase “Computer Graphics”
-make it clear that they are signing up for a class
-consider using your own work

Joe’s Non-Netbook

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Too funny and too real.  Where’s my digital textbook?!

Time shares their vision of a 2010 digital mag

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Check out this video and join in the rumor mill.  Lots of folks think that this demo is a barely concealed, 2010 Mac tablet.  Or not.  The next 12 to 18 months in the tabler market are going to be very exciting.  I wouldn’t by a black and white e-reader now.  There’s too much on the horizon.

The first video clip shows the magazine interface in action on an HP touchscreen notebook.

The demo below is also compelling (aside from the creepy hands) and indicates that this tablet/interface  will be more than an e-reader.

Embed YouTube video into a PowerPoint slide

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This requires real attention to detail.

Follow the link:

Your blogging questions – post ’em here

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A Sweet SpoonfulNext week, Megan Gordon will be our guest speaker in class.  She is the owner and creator of A Sweet Spoonful and blogs about her “culinary life”.  Her blog features recipe and restaurant review as well as “thoughts on local food culture, (and) chef profiles.”

Now’s your chance to ask a pro-blogger questions about blogging.  The forum is open; you might ask about how she motivates herself to blog, where her photos come from or what her plans are for the blog.

Post your questions in the comments section.

Healing brush and photo restoration

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Sears Photo Restoration

Grab the photo from the computer graphics folder, photo restoration folder on the N drive.

You will use the Healing Brush and Spot Healing Brush tool for much of this project.

Here are some tutorials to help you along the way.  If you find any other useful tutorials go ahead and share them in the comments section of this post:

How to Repair Old Photos

Using the Healing Tool

Removing Dust and Scratches

VIDEO: Using the Spot Healing Brush

VIDEO: Using the Healing Brush for Photo Restoration

VIDEO: Using the Healing Brush to Remove Circles under the Eye

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