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December 1, 2009 at 4:09 pm | Posted in tech | 18 Comments
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A Sweet SpoonfulNext week, Megan Gordon will be our guest speaker in class.  She is the owner and creator of A Sweet Spoonful and blogs about her “culinary life”.  Her blog features recipe and restaurant review as well as “thoughts on local food culture, (and) chef profiles.”

Now’s your chance to ask a pro-blogger questions about blogging.  The forum is open; you might ask about how she motivates herself to blog, where her photos come from or what her plans are for the blog.

Post your questions in the comments section.


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  1. why do you not want ads if you can still make money out of them

  2. what made you start blogging?

  3. How did you advertise your blog and get people to start coming there in the first place.

  4. how do you make the blog look professional and be found easily through google?

  5. Why dont you put adds on your blogs? How do you find the time to blog so much?

  6. how do you get ideas for posts?

  7. How are you able to sit down and write about something? what motivates you?

  8. What other recipes are you deciding to use for your blog? Do you have a cookbook or inspiration that you get recipes from?

  9. I like your website. Could you tell me about yourself?

  10. why does you’r food look so good?

  11. How do you decide which recipes to post next on your blog and which recipe or dish is your favorite?

  12. Where do you find ideas for new posts/stories and recipes on your blog?

  13. would you leave your blog to work at a popular food magazine

  14. Where do you find the recipes to put on your blog?

  15. Do you take your own pictures?

  16. How do you choose what recipes to write about?

    what is your favorite type of food to write about ie (drinks, desserts, main courses ect.)

  17. Where do you find your inspiration? Do you post your own original recipies on your blog?

  18. Megan
    what other things do you like to write on your blogs

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