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January 6, 2010 at 11:09 am | Posted in tech | Leave a comment

Blogging is a critical skill for any web-user, whether you are a web designer, content creator, content content consumer or all of the above.

Today you will create a blog for use in this class. Your blog will:
-be the forum for you to offer web design critiques
-a place for you to share your new web-design discoveries, useful tools and thoughts about making web pages
-a place for you to comment on your classmate’s work

Some things to keep in mind-this is a school blog.  Everything you write should be school appropriate.  If you aren’t sure, ask me or don’t post it.
-this is a public blog.  Don’t give away personal information.  Protect your privacy and your reputation.  Represent yourself well.

If you have any concerns about either point let me know.

Let’s begin at

You need an email account to get started. If you don’t have one today’s the day to get one.  Ask me and I will help you.

Naming your blog: your blog url will be  For your class blog use your initials and your graduation year like this:

Your next move will be to choose your theme (change the appearance of your blog).  Then setup widgets.  Then your first blog blog post.


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