Academic Workshop – email your teachers

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Today’s mission: email each of your teachers to check in regarding your academic performance in the class.  Include me in each email that you send – my email address is rmilstead@tamdistrict.

  • teacher emails are first initial, lastname followed by
  • identify yourself
  • explain that you are in Academic Workshop
  • ask them – using please and thank you- for any time that they can spare

Ask each teacher to reply to you AND to CC me (

Web Design Blogs – commenting

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Now that you have some posts running on your blogs it’s time to work with comments.  If posts are the skeleton of a blog then it’s the comments that give it strength.  Working with your commenters is critical to your blog’s success.

Visit two of your classmates blogs and make an intelligent comment on one of their posts. Here’s the list of blog URL’s that I have. If yours’ is missing let me know:

Entries and comments feeds.