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Your desk is a giant. multitouch monitor-video

The choreography of flight – video

Hi speed photography trigger – video



Black Friday assignment

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Black Friday!!

You will use Excel to track the money you can save on Black Friday.   You will also locate each store in Google maps and link to them to better plan your route for the day.

-creating column headings
-formatting text
-wrapping text

1. Open Excel and start a new worksheet.

2. Create column headings called “store name”, “product name”, “sale price”, “retail price”, “money saved”, “store opens”, “store location”. Don’t include the quotes.  Wrap text for each column heading and bold the column headings.

3. Use the following resources to find Black Friday deals.

or just Google “Black Friday (store name OR product name)

4. Find at least five products from from five different stores.  Fill in each column for each item.  Use a formula to calculate “money saved”.

5. For the map link, use Google maps to locate the store.  Type “click here for map” and link to the Google Map.  Like this: click here for map.

6. Total up the following: sale price, retail price, money saved using formulas.

7. Average the same amounts using formulas.

8. Create a chart that best compares the sale price and retail price for each product.  Put them on all on one chart on a separate sheet.

9. Print out the following in landscape format – customize as you wish:
-your worksheet with data
-your worksheet showing formulas
-your chart

HTML assignment

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1. In your html folder create a new folder called assignment1.  Save your work in this folder.

2. Using Notepad or Wordpad, create three linked pages that have the following on each page:

Remember to save each page with an html ending.  Keep your filenames short and without spaces (page2.html).  Rename images as needed to make your life easier (avoid “this is a picture of a puppy.jpg).

Infographics and You

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1. Go to and click on create.

2. Open a new browser tab and go to this website

3.  Choose a story and select/copy the text.

4. Go back to Wordle and paste the text into the create box.  Click GO.

5. Use Alt-Print Screen to copy/paste your word clould into a Word docment.

6. Write 1-4 sentences describing what you see in your word cloud. What does this tell you about the story?  What surprises you?

7. Done?  Do the same with song lyrics.

8. Email me your word doc as an attachment.  My email address is

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