Hoax PowerPoint Assignment

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In search of…truth on the web.
You mission is to research a topic of controversy or hoax and verify its validity based on web research. Your research will present both sides of the issue. After considering all sides, you will present your own conclusion to the class via PowerPoint presentation. You will present your research and PowerPoint to the class upon completion.
As you search for information on your topic, think about the quality of information that is available on the web. Think about why it is easy or hard to find information about your topic. What makes an online resources different from a printed resource when researching these kinds of topics?

1. Choose a topic from the choices listed below. Feel free to come up with your own – ask Mr. Milstead for approval before you proceed.

TOPICS words for searching
-moon landing
-alien abduction
-Loch Ness monster
-urban legends
-Area 51
-The Da Vinci Code
-flying rods (not me)
-who killed JFK?
-crop circles
-virus hoaxes
-the Bermuda Triangle
-secret planes: Aurora
-Elvis lives
…or your choice, with Mr. Milstead’s approval.
-hoax: an act intended to deceive or trick.
-skeptic: one who doubts or questions.
-debunk: to expose the falseness of a claim or idea.

2. For each topic, find two sites that support each side. For example, if you have chosen Bigfoot as your topic you might find one website that shows photographic proof of our furry friend while another discusses someone’s contact with with Bigfoot while camping. Your other two sites would take the opposite viewpoint – a discussion by a biologist on the unlikely possibility that Bigfoot exists and a site that shows Bigfoot photos to be hoaxes.

3. Based on your observations, what do you conclude? Support your conclusions with a least three pieces of evidence from your web research. Use your own words to craft your conclusion-do not copy and paste.

Create a PowerPoint containing the following elements:
-title page
-table of contents slide with links to other sections.
-statement of controversy. Example: “For hundreds of years, the Pacific Northwest has been center of reports of large, bipedal mammals….”
-slides as needed that represent both sides of the issue or controversy. Use images or video as examples of evidence. Do not copy and paste text from other websites – use your own words.
-slides as needed to present your conclusion.
-each slide should have a Slide Transition, Custom Animation and a link back to the table of contents slide.
-a list of the websites that you used in your research (not search engines)
Your slideshow should have at least seven slides including the title slide. “The End” does not count as a slide.

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