2-23-15 Milstead’s group

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Welcome back

1. Open up Inkscape on your computer.  This will take at least 20 minutes to launch so I want you to start it NOW.  Trust me.

2. Continue work on your dream structure project.  Click here for details.  


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So I’m out sick.  That cough caught me.  Stay healthy everyone.

Computer Graphics– check your portfolio to make sure you have completed the following:
Hybrid Animal
This Doesn’t Belong
Haunted House
Photoshop Time Travel
QR code redo (3rd period we haven’t done this yet)
Combining images with layer mask
The Content Aware Project

Advanced Computer Graphics – no laser cutting until I get back on Tuesday.  Today’s work:

1. I cut out the four hearts for Ms. Defino in the library.  Please drop them off.
2. Work on your final designs for the online store.

Computer Programming/AP Comp Sci – continue work as assigned.

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