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October 20, 2015 at 9:00 am | Posted in tech | Leave a comment

In this project you will create a QR code and marketing piece that will link to your Computer Graphics Digital Portfolio.   These pieces will be displayed in the Drake hallways.2014sampleqrportfolio

the BIG steps
1. make your Digital Portfolio PUBLIC
2. grab the URL from your portfolio and create the QR code
3. create a page in Photoshop to layout your marketing piece

Make your Digital Portfolio PUBLIC

1. remove your last name
2. make it public – here’s how

Create the QR code
1. use the URL for your Portfolio and go to kaywa.com
2. create the QR code and save it
3. open the QR and customize it in Photoshop.  Consider how you can change the code to make it interesting yet still work.
4. test test test and then save it

The marketing piece
1. create an 11 inch wide, 8.5 inch high image – 180 dpi
2. place your MODIFIED QR code on your image
3. show your viewer that they have to click the code to view your portfolio
4. place at least two images – no more than five – of your graphic works on the image
5. include your FIRST name and “created in Computer Graphics”.
6. save it.
7. print it.

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