Blogging Part 3 – promotion

FIND MORE TRAFFIC: Comment On Other People’s Blogs

Start out your day by visiting a couple of the blogs or forums on your topic that you now know and love.  Check out the latest posts or discussion threads and add some comments.  Remember – be useful and say something meaningful.  Make sure that you either add your URL into the signature or you enter it into the appropriate dialog box before your comment.

FIND MORE TRAFFIC: Submit Your Page To Search Engines

Search engines find results for their queries by sorting through their catalog of known websites.  This means that you have to be listed in the search engine catalog before people can find your blog through a search engine.  Search engines “find” your site by crawling through the web, and once they have found your site, they will make regular return visits to update their listings.  It takes the search engines some time to find new sites, but why wait?  You can speed up the process by submitting your blog to search engines, often resulting in more visits.

Check Out This Blog Post That Gives You Some Guidance On Submitting Your Blog To Search Engines:

Make Sure That You Submit Your Blog To The Big 3 Search Engines:




You can find links to several smaller search engines on the blog post above – in addition to the “Big 3,” make sure that you submit your site to an additional 5 search engines.

FIND MORE TRAFFIC: Join A Community Of Bloggers In A Blog Directory

Blog Directories help bloggers find each other and help readers sort through the massive amounts of blogs online.  Submitting your blog to several of these sites will help potential readers find your work.  It also helps you network with other bloggers and find more sites that share common topics.

Some important things to remember about Blog Directories –

  • Don’t just submit your URL and leave, that’s quite spammy.

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