CAD/CAM Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners ARE BIG. Some are selling online for $35.00 or more.

We will make our own using:
-123d Design
-laser cutter
-wood or acrylic
-skateboard bearings

Part 1- brainstorm a design
Start by taking a look at some designs:
35 best fidget spinners
fidget spinner on Etsy

Most designs have a center bearing and at least one (usually three) bearings or weights in the “arms” of the spinner.

Draw some design ideas based on what you see online.

Part 2 – CAD
You can start your work in either 123d Design OR Inkscape.  I find that it’s easier to start in 123d Design. Your file can be converted to finish in Inkscape.

Your spinner design should have one bearing and at least one weight.

Useful measurements:
-your spinner design should be no larger than 75mm at its widest point
-the bearing in the middle is 22mm across
-the weight is a hexagon that is 10.98 mm across



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