SF Tiger: What do you think about zoos now?

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219ryqxq7yl_aa_sl160_.jpgIn the wake of the holiday tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo, what do you think about zoos?  Has your opinion changed at all?

What do you think about all finger-pointing?  Who is guilty? Use the comment feature below and let us know.

America’s first zoo opened in Philadelphia in 1874 after a 15 year delay related to the Civil War.

Extra Credit: Marin History Scavenger Hunt #1

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Buon Gusto

Take a look at this picture.

To earn 10 points extra credit you must email correct answers to all questions to rod@rodmilstead.com

1) Where is this object located?

2) Tell me how this fits into Marin history – what was Buon Gusto?

3) What replaced Buon Gusto?

4) Where did you find your information?

First person to answer all questions correctly gets the extra credit.

The Marin that could have been

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Dick Spotswood’s 9/2/07 column discussed some near-misses in Marin that would have radically changed our home.  Like a bridge from Tiburon to SF via Angel Island.

Read the column here.

Visit my Google maps tour of these choice locations.

Did you feel the quake?

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2007ptreyesquake.jpgI didn’t.  My wife came upstairs to aske me if I felt the 4.2 quake or heard the rumble.  But you can’t hear much over a three year old playing in the bathtub

She heard the rumbling and saw that the water in her drinking glass was rippling.  This went on for about 20 seconds.

Here are the quake details. 

Are you ready for the big quake that will come in the next 30 years?  NO?  Go to www.72hours.org and find good advice so that you and your family can prepare.

Photo at left from the 1906 quake near Pt. Reyes.

40 years since the Be-In

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2007ba_summer14_ph1.jpgForty years ago today Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park hummed with the presence of 15,000 people.  The Human Be-In was in full swing and played a pivotal role in defining the San Francisco Hippie.

Chronicle article and photos here.

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