Luck at the library

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About a week ago I found one of C.J. Box’s newest books on the shelf at the Fairfax Library.  Box’s protagonist, Joe Pickett, is a Wyoming game warden who survives his repeated bad luck with the help of common sense and good friends.  All of the Joe Pickett novels feature writing that makes me happy to realize that I still have half the book left.  Then the rest of the book flies by all too quickly.

A few late nights of reading and Box’s latest book was done.  How weird that I picked up a book by  Craig Johnson that features a main character who just happens to be a Wyoming sheriff. What is it about Wyoming?  Are my Montana roots calling to me?  Can’t say but the writing sure is good.  Pick one up and treat yourself to some spare language interspersed with tributes to western scenery.

Blooker Prize

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blook (noun) A blook can refer to either an object manufactured to imitate a bound book, an online book published via a blog, or a printed book that contains or is based on content from a blog. Source-

Blooker Prize – annual $10,000 prize awarded to the best book of the year based on a blog.

This year’s award winner is Colby Buzzell whose book about his service in Iraq will be published by Penguin later this year.

Last year’s winner wrote about her effort to cook all 524 Julia Child recipes in one year.  Her book is now being adapted to the screen by the director of “When Harry Met Sally”.

Graphic novel (comic book) is finalist for National Book Award

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2006_yangcomic.jpgThe Chronicle describes teacher Gene Luen Yang’s first efforts at creating a comic book. In the fifth grade, he and a friend created “Spade Hunter” and sold the hand-colored comic with the profits going to charity.

Now he is a National Book Award finalist- the first ever for a graphic novel.

Read the Chronicle article.

Scarfbook: read your clothing/wearable literature

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Given the danger that a book can conceal these days your never know when airborne book banning could become permanent.  Thus I bring you the Scarfbook a DIY project that involves printing text on iron-on transfer sheets and then affixing them to a length of cotton.  The added comment has a nice bit about fabric designed to be run through an ink-jet printer.


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