Asus EeePC Preview

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Ok, I am really starting to fixate on this tiny laptop.  The small size and low price are fascinating.  While many mainstream pubs are lumping this in with other gadgets targted at the tween or education market I think that would have value to many users.  Join me in my temporary obsession.


My best tech move of 2006

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In the closing months of 2006 my trusty flash drive died.  These things don’t last forever and I had backed up everything so the loss wasn’t huge.  Found a SanDisk 1GB drive for $15 – what  a deal.

That’s not the best part.  The best part was installing the portable versions of Firefox browser and the Thunderbird email app on the flash drive.  Now, no matter what computer I am using, I can use my email address,  with contacts and old email, as well as MY browser with MY bookmarks. 

There a number of applications designed to be run from  a flash drive.  Installing these little apps takes your flash drive from mere storage to a mini-computer (without the monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, operating system and the rest of the heavy stuff).

That’s my story.  What’s your’s?

Mobile Internet

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Work in progress…


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