New Obama t-shirt design

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Obama has my stapler! shirt

Obama has my stapler!

After a week of sick kids and broken home appliances I decided to crank out a t-shirt design that has been bouncing around in my head. If you like it pass it on to the other Office Space – Obama – political junkies that you know. Thanks!


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2007famousoffices070409_1_560.jpgMy office is not the neatest place in the world. It has gotten better over the years but hardly qualifies as clean and organized. I’m learning to accept it as a character trait/flaw.

My office never reaches the condition of the NY law professor’s workplace pictured here. It might if I didn’t share the space with another teacher but common courtesy keeps me in check.

Why would you care? Some of you may one day even work in an office. Shocking! Take at the offices of NY’s literary, powerful, famous and/or political. Which one suits your personality?

Creator of the cubicle regrets what it has become

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Peter- I'm gonna need you to come in this weekend.As someone who has spent a decent part of my working life, to date, in a cubicle, I was fascinated to learn that the architect of the office cubicle regrets how his concept has evolved.  Bob Probst originated the design to encourage open communication within a white collar workplace.  He never intended to create a grey warren of little boxes with workers peaking over the sides like prairie dogs.

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