Panoramic photos and Quicktime VR

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On the roadĀ again

1. Download and install SurroundPhoto on your computer (if you are doing this at home I make no guarantees about any download software, ok?):

2. Read this document about creating a “Photomerge” in Photoshop.

3. Either take your own photos (

OR I will show you where to find some sample images.

Then, take your panoramic JPG and open it up in SurroundPhoto. Tweak. Create a Quicktime. View. Experiment.

Flag Raising, Iwo Jima

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With the pending release of the Clint Eastwood directed “Flags of Our Fathers” we can expect the media to put this moment on their radar for at least five minutes.

I read the book of the same title a few years ago. James Bradley authored a book that was not jingoistic yet clearly captured the practicalities as well emotion surrounding this iconic photo and the Marines captured in the flag raising.

Joe Rosenthal captured the image while serving as a journalist on Iwo. He passed away in Novato on August 21st of this year. ( Rosenthal was named an Honorary Marine in 1996.

Here is a timeline of the events surrounding the moments before and after the flag was raised- This was actually the second raising of the flag – the first raised a flag that was smaller than the one pictured.

MIT Photo Brush

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Those crazy MIT kids have more to offer than lab coats and pocket protectors. Wait, that was unfair to stereotype. Those days are long gone at MIT.

Back to our subject- the Photo Brush. This brush contains a camera designed to sample the texture and color from any object. When the brush is drawn across the large touch screen the sample image becomes the paint.

Watch the video and be amazed. The blinking eye sample is incredible.

Google Images Redone

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We all have gotten used to using Google images.  Until I used Imagery I never realized that it could be done better.  Imagery takes the Google images search results and adds easily accessible preferences, tabbed browsing and a photo bucket with zoom tools.  

You'll need to install Firefox 1.5 (it won't work with Internet Explorer)  before you visit 

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