Microsoft Street View

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2007_local_live_street.jpgMicrosoft is offering a beta version of their street preview.  It offers some interesting alternatives to the Google Street View discussed below.  You can view downtown SF or Seattle.

Find it here:

Google maps street view

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2007_googlemapsstreet.jpgVisit Google maps and search for San Francisco. Click on the Street View button in the upper right. Move the little Google Person around on the blue streets and watch the view change.

Click in the street view and drag to rotate. Click an arrow to move N/S/E/W.

Zoom the street view and read license plates – see the faces of pedestrians.

Privacy? NO MORE!!

That said, I like it. Reminds of the long-gone A9 street view.

5/31/2007 update:

-available for SF, Denver, Vegas, Miami, NY
this is the type of van that captured the images

Google offers FREE Wifi available in any home

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2007_googletisp.gifDon’t be put off by google’s odd graphic; trust me, this is the offer we have all waited for.  Flush Comcast and their high prices and switch to google as your free isp.

No more money down the drain!

Details here.

CNN: “Lojack for Kids”

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It’s their headline not mine.

CNN offers a heartwarming roundup of technologies designed to track the whereabouts of children.  The clip provides some clear benefits and skims the surface of any privacy concerns.  The technology exists- are we ready for it?

Is this being recorded?

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Don’t miss the archived copy of Bush discussing the potential damage of Hurricane Katrina the day before the storm hit: OR

Beyond Katrina and the controversey, consider this: YOUR electronic communication can be saved, archived, copied and fowarded without your knowledge OR the need to get your permission.  A reporter in Delaware was recently fired for comments he made on his myspace that did not directly relate to his job or employer.

President Bush is not the first leader to have his words saved for all to hear (although I wonder if he is the first to have a video released?).  You can hear many more taped Presidential musing at

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