How to go broke

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I found this list on and I have reprinted it for you.  Most folks don’t qualify these as choices but merely habits or just conveniences.

Start now and start saving money.  Or follow these guidelines and I guarantee that your hard earned money will disappear faster then a MochaFrappacino.

1) Make Shopping Your Hobby.

Nothing to do on a Tuesday night? Go to the store. Doesn’t matter which one. Just go and bring your credit card. Better yet, open a store credit card and buy a bunch of stuff. Hey! You saved 10%! Sure, you didn’t actually know you “needed” this stuff until you saw it at the store, but its just so cute. Continue Reading How to go broke…

Buy a video camera, get pasta sauce

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2006_pasta.jpgA Missouri couple purchased a $1500 camera at their local Best Buy.  They broke the seal on their new baby and found… a jar of Classico Pasta Sauce and some other useless items.  Back to Best Buy where they learned that the Sony seal had not been broken at time of purchase so they were out of luck.  This jar of pasta cost just over $100 an ounce.

Bottom Line: Sony has contacted the couple and agreed to replace the camera.

The Real Bottom Line: open the box in the store to make sure that you get what you paid for.   Full story here and all over the Internet.

Will we ever learn the real story?!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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2006_black_friday05bI always find the careful selection of the perfect gift far more satisfying than receiving goodies.  Ok, that’s not always true but picking a good gift for someone is always a victory.

Black Friday is not about careful shopping.  Instead, you wake up early on the day after Thanksgiving (Friday), eat leftovers for breakfast, and line up in front of your favorite big box retailer.  The doors open and you flood in with the rest of the mob in search of a $19.99 DVD player for grandma.

The origin of the term Black Friday is murky.  It either refers to the stress of the day, both on customers and overworked sales staff, or the hope that the day puts a company in the black (accounting term – negative numbers show as red). 

Related term: Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving when many online retailers give deep discounts for a limited time.

Black Friday deals can be previewed on many websites- just search for “black friday” in google.  These ads are printed in advance so that they are ready for distribution before the big day.  Copies of the ads are smuggled out of the print shops and onto the web.  There you go.

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