More watches

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An addition to the top ten geek watches:Forerunner 305 The Forerunner 305 tracks your movements while on the run and plots the GPS coordinates on a map while you take your running shoes off.  This version also includes a heart rate monitor.

Speaking of watches, my mom came across this bit of advice while working on her taxes:

“Wristwatches:  You cannot deduct the cost of a wristwatch, even if  there is
a job requirement that you know the correct time to properly perform  your

Books for cash

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Don’t miss the Drake Used Book Sale starting in the library on 3/7.


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Finally, a big thing that doesn’t come from Apple.  Rumors abound about a handheld computer smaller than a tablet pc and bigger than a standard PDA running on a Windows OS.


Engadget suggests that this photo is a fake.  Regardless, buzz is building that Bill and Co. will release some kind of handheld do-hingy in early March. 

The pics on longhornblog look more legit.

The site that started all the rumors continues to grow at


So you REALLY want a high speed internet connection?

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Then sink your very own 60 feet radio tower in 14,000 pounds of cement and I will believe you.  Read what it takes at

Is this being recorded?

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Don’t miss the archived copy of Bush discussing the potential damage of Hurricane Katrina the day before the storm hit: OR

Beyond Katrina and the controversey, consider this: YOUR electronic communication can be saved, archived, copied and fowarded without your knowledge OR the need to get your permission.  A reporter in Delaware was recently fired for comments he made on his myspace that did not directly relate to his job or employer.

President Bush is not the first leader to have his words saved for all to hear (although I wonder if he is the first to have a video released?).  You can hear many more taped Presidential musing at

Old News: Billionth iTunes song downloaded

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A teenager in Michigan received a ton of good stuff for his 99 cent purchase- read the official story here:

Forget school surveillance cameras-let’s get a robot!

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A primary school in Tokyo is testing a robotic version of Lena, Pat and Rich.  I will point out that it will lack their personality and good humor but does have a card reader toscans the little darling’s ID cards.

Dotcomu has the straight version of the story:

The Gizmodo version is much funnier: 


Choosing your domain name

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Much has been written about choosing a domain; this post sticks to the nitty-gritty of actually buying one.

Two good resources:|– helps you to create a domain from keywords.– reliable, reasonably priced domains.

Custom printed M&M’s

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That’s right- order the latest in customization online.  Brilliant.

He has a real chip on his shoulder

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Actually, it’s in their forearms.

That’s right, chip implants previously reserved for your wandering pets have now arrived for humans in the US. has two employees who have volunteered to wear the implanted chips to test their use as replacement for electronic keycards.  Instead of reaching into your wallet for the card all you do is wave your arm at the sensor.  In you go.


 The company claims that the chips offer no tracking capability.  (Yet, say I.)

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