2014 Fall survey

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Follow this link to take the class survey.  When you are done, follow the instructions on the “thank you” page.


Sound cloud test

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Now that I have my picture in place.

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raptor in cafe


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Autographer is a wearable camera that captures images when the camera thinks they are worth capturing.

Relive those social networking memories.  MySpace has been refreshed.

Self driving cars are now legal in CA. 

Video: Wearable suite of sensors builds maps of building interiors in real time and streams them wirelessly.

RFID tags guarantee that you will never suffer the trauma of lost socks again

Video: Dad sends son’s Stanley the Train, friend of Thomas, to the edge of space via balloon.  The video is so much more.  Watch it.


Intro to Computers class survey

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Click here to take the Intro to Computers class survey

Academic Workshop – Day One

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Click here to complete the Academic Workshop student survey.

Stuck on an escalator

The Fun Theory

RIP Flip Video: a lamentation

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I can’t join in on the chortling and “I told you so’s” over the death of the Flip.  While it’s easy to blame it’s passing on the millions of smartphones sold in 2010 and easy access to video cameras there’s another side to the tale.   The Flip niche still is still alive and well because:

  • not all consumers want or can afford a smartphone
  • the complexity of a smartphone doesn’t meet the need “I just want to shoot video” with ease.
  • the multitasker conflict: smartphones are designed to perform many functions and their form factor can be downright clunky when it comes to shooting video. 
  • my Droid Incredible died last week and with it went the ability to shoot video – not the end of the world for me but if video is critical then a multi-tasker may not be the best bet.
  • the smartphone/iPod touch device is not always the best move for the classroom.  What would I rather lose from a replacement perspective: an iPod touch or a Flip?  I’ll take the lower cost Flip any day.

Kodak and Samsung still have good options in this market.  Plus there’s always the point and shoot video option.

Having said that it’s clear that market feels otherwise.  The shuttering of Flip (and 550 jobs) seems to be Cisco’s only option.

Then there’s an interesting viewpoint on how the death of the Flip shows a trend in innovation.  Check out the Mass-Customization blog for this one.

Surface Computer and RC QuadCopter

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I want this helicopter.  The Surface computer would just be a bonus.


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Google Earth and blogging today

Today we will work in Google Earth first and then bring your blogs back to life.

Open Google Earth (NO FLIGHT SIM!!)

right click and save this image to your H drive

Hoax PowerPoint Assignment

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In search of…truth on the web.
You mission is to research a topic of controversy or hoax and verify its validity based on web research. Your research will present both sides of the issue. After considering all sides, you will present your own conclusion to the class via PowerPoint presentation. You will present your research and PowerPoint to the class upon completion.
As you search for information on your topic, Continue Reading Hoax PowerPoint Assignment…

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