Battle of the Phone Rumors

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Rumor #1 – the New York Times reports that the Palm Pre will be released the first week in June. On Sprint (sigh).  I’m betting sooner so that they beat whatever Apple is planning.

Rumor @2 – Apple will release either a new, cheaper iPhone, a new, cheaper iPhone rate plan or both.  The rate plan might drop to limited-access level for $20/month.  That’s ten bucks less than the current plan.  As the comments point out, if ten dollars a month separates you from having the iPhone you can’t afford the plan.

China shares the blame for global warming – with you!

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That’s right folks.  The director of China’s Department of Climate Change stated that, “this share of emission should
be taken by the consumers, not the producers”.  Meaning, you buy the stuff that we make in our factories so you are partly to blame for our (China’s) emissions.  More here.

New roundup

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Google releases new version of Google voice that can send messages left on one phone number to any other batch of numbers.  It will be open beta soon.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the new OS for your iPhone.  Will copy and paste be part of the deal?

Keep the Apple Tablet rumors burning.

More rumors here!!

Happy 25th Mac

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Twenty five years ago Saturday the first Mac was introduced.  I remember playing games on my friends Mac classic.  The cool way it spat out the floppy.  The glory of the monochrome display.

Check out CNN’s piece on home grown Mac museums.

Which one of you will tend to an iPod museum in 25 years?

Rumor: new Mac spotted on the fringes of the Internet

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This breathless Gizmodo post reminds me of mystery aircraft sightings.  Sonic booms, seismograph readings, and weird contrails.

That’s what aircraft leave in their wake.  Mystery computers leave info on the logs of visited search engines.  That’s what the NY Times reports and Gizmodo fleshes out into an iPhone 3.0/MacBook slate rumor mix.

BTW, this is how the first traces of the iPhone were detected.

Start dreaming and saving your cash now.

Gizmodo post

iPhone SDK – what does it all mean

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Here’s the summary:

1. SDK = software development kit.  This information is critical to those who want to write applications that run on an iPhone.

2. Why does it matter? The SDK release gives software developers (they write programs) the ability to create and sell third party software for the iPhone.  This was Palm’s plan from long ago and is one of the few things that makes a Palm worth owning.  Given the success of the iPhone this will further boost its popularity.

Apps will be sold through the Apple Store and Apple takes a 30% cut.

3. Why do you care?  In the words of the the Washington Post “this makes iPhone the phone to beat.”

4. Interesting details: the apps must be written on a Mac which makes one wonder how well they would talk from iPhone to PC.  If I were Steve Jobs, I’d use this as one more way to sway users to the Mac platform.

Here’s the full post writeup. 

MacBook Air basics

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2008macbookair2.jpgI could write them here but Gizmodo did a better job.  Click here for stats, pics, and other joy.

Apple’s design inspiration

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2008ipod-comp.jpgIn honor of MacWorld and the unveiling of the MacBook Air (Jordan) take a look at this article on Gizmodo.

You will be intrigued by the comparison between 60’s Braun design and current Apple product design.


Apple Rumor: Half-inch thick portable due in early 2008

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It will be the perfect compliment to your new iPhone – a 12 inch (or 13.3 inch) solid state drive equipped Apple portable.  Start saving; it will run $1500.

Video report right here.

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