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lbsubarucovershado2008wI just finished “Farewell My Subaru” and enjoyed most every page.  Author Doug Fine weaves a tale of his bumpy conversion to a greener lifestyle in New Mexico.  Fine’s hands on approach to the transition is commendable along with his willingness to admit, and learn from, his mistakes.

The reader may wonder how he supports himself financially – it can’t be just from selling organic eggs.

Luck at the library

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About a week ago I found one of C.J. Box’s newest books on the shelf at the Fairfax Library.  Box’s protagonist, Joe Pickett, is a Wyoming game warden who survives his repeated bad luck with the help of common sense and good friends.  All of the Joe Pickett novels feature writing that makes me happy to realize that I still have half the book left.  Then the rest of the book flies by all too quickly.

A few late nights of reading and Box’s latest book was done.  How weird that I picked up a book by  Craig Johnson that features a main character who just happens to be a Wyoming sheriff. What is it about Wyoming?  Are my Montana roots calling to me?  Can’t say but the writing sure is good.  Pick one up and treat yourself to some spare language interspersed with tributes to western scenery.

Amazon Kindle details

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  • 2007_amazon_kindledet.jpgAmazon Kindle product page with video- scroll down for the demo
  • 10.3 ounces
  • black and white e-paper display (will Kindle 2.0 offer color)
  • free wireless downloads using EV-DO not Wifi
  • it DOES NOT use an iTunes style arrangement to download. Books download straight to Kindle.
  • built-in dictionary
  • the email functionality is unclear – can it send and receive email or just send?
  • it has a Firewire port – why? Charging?

This hasn’t changed my opinion on Kindle – read it here.

Amazon Kindle – “iPod of reading” or digital kindling?

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2007_amazon_kindle.jpgThis is the Amazon Kindle. It’s rumored to a be web-enabled digital reader with a 30 hour battery life. Amazon will make the officially announce the device tomorrow. CEO Jeff Bezos is calling it the “iPod of reading” in Newsweek. Follow the link for a creepy pic of Bezos plus the article.

Gizmodo has a good, succinct description of the digital reader plus pricing on available books. So I want repeat what they have stated so well.

Let’s think about how they should price and market this $399 device. Continue Reading Amazon Kindle – “iPod of reading” or digital kindling?…

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