Currency redesign

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Your design should include:

-designs for at least two denominations (1 and 5, 5 and 10, etc)

-both sides of the bill (front and back)

-a reference to the country by name

-security with features to prevent counterfeiting -build on separate layer

-include an individual, historical reference or fact, event that is important to the nation

design options:

-use an existing country or create your own

-color or monochrome

-vary size by denomination (1 is smaller than the 20)

Resources: – US Currency redesign- official – Michael Tyznik currency redesign – Dowling Duncan currency redesign – Photoshop your own money

Graphics- the last project

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Remember way back at the start of the semester? You made some great posters to advertise the Drake Maker Club.

To wrap up the semester I’d like you to make a flyer (8.5×11) that promotes Computer Graphics to Drake students.  Show off your work, your technique and your skills.  Use color.  Make sure that you set the resolution to 180 so that it prints well.


-landscape or portrait
-8.5×11 with 180 dpi resolution
-use the phrase “Computer Graphics”
-make it clear that they are signing up for a class
-consider using your own work

Computer Graphics: Maker Club Poster

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Your mission is to create a poster that promotes the new Drake Maker Club.


-regular lasso tool

-layer styles (drop shadow, glow)

-working with multiple layers

-adding test

-edit, free transform

The text should read:


Do you like to take stuff apart?


learn how things work?

Friday, September 4th

lunch room 402

Learn more at the  Drake Maker Club

all are welcome


The poster should include images of homemade gadgets (visit for source) and the Make Magazine logo (  Use at least three separate images.


Techniques – use the following

-magnetic lasso
-quick mask
-filters as needed
-torn paper techniques
-layer styles

Make the new image 7.5 by 10 inches (portrait or landscape, your choice)

Set to 72 dpi

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