Point-and-shoot GPS digicam on the horizon

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Taiwanese electronics maker Altek has a GPS enabled digital camera in the works. Why GPS on a digital camera?
-great for geotagging
-create instant travel journals with each image pinpointed on a map
-create instant virtual tours
-remember where you have been

Panoramic photos and Quicktime VR

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On the road again

1. Download and install SurroundPhoto on your computer (if you are doing this at home I make no guarantees about any download software, ok?): http://www.download.com/SurroundPhoto/3000-2192_4-10263471.html?tag=email

2. Read this document about creating a “Photomerge” in Photoshop.

3. Either take your own photos (http://www.instructables.com/id/EO4N7KKG05EUHCAMGQ/)

OR I will show you where to find some sample images.

Then, take your panoramic JPG and open it up in SurroundPhoto. Tweak. Create a Quicktime. View. Experiment.

Toddler Photographer

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 Here are the results from Tyler’s first batch of photos.  He also took the time to throw the camera down the stairs in a fit of artistic frustration.  The camera is built to take it.


Digital Camera Buying #1: making a choice

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My 3 year old received a digital camera for his birthday. Excessive?  Hardly.  This just shows how far cameras have come – the technology is cheap enough to sell in a format friendly for toddlers at around $60.  This Fisher-Price Kid Camera fits the bill perfectly.

There is another, more useful lesson in buying a digital camera:  buy the camera that suits your needs.  The best camera for a three year old can be dropped, thrown and has color coded buttons. 

If you are giving a camera as a gift think about the needs of the recipient.  Is this their first digital camera?  Do they love technology or are they confused by the buttons on a blender?  Do they take pictures of wildlife or your wild family?  Thinking about HOW this person will use the camera will lead you to make a good choice.

Get started by reading my Digital Camera Buying Guide.

Kodak scans for familiar faces

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Kodak scans your familyKodak, hardly left in the dust by digital imaging, has developed a scanner that will capture images from printed photos and serach for familiar faces.  It will also be able to identify the decade that the photo was printed based on the style of the photographic paper and other marks.  You will be able to take your shoebox full of family photos to Longs and have them scanned and cataloged.  The facial recognition software will have to be taught what Aunt Betty (and the rest of your familiy) looks like and then it is off and running.

I would like to use the same software for the over 16,000 digital pics that live on my home computer.  I am not the best and tagging every photo with the names and places.  

Read more at Wired.com

Free photo paper

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Visit http://3m.dll1.com/stickypicture/reg_nonperks.asp and sign up to receive a free sample of Post-It Photo paper.  Such a deal.

$5 project: bike mount tripod

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The creator of this project says it all- he wanted to mount his (hopefully indestructible) digital camera on his bike handlebars to record his journeys.  Before you dive into the project, note the following:

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