Another balloon in outer space

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Thought for sure this would turn out to be another “balloon boy” hoax but this family of experimenters looks legit.  Made me wonder if the Drake Maker Club should have pursued our balloon in space dreams after all.  Then I realized that this family had a big chunk of Alberta to use as a launch and recovery site.  Not quite as crowded as our neighborhood.

Stick with the video for the first few minutes  – it picks up the pace.

Maker Faire 2009 video

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Friday News and Rumors

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Wired talks about new iPhone plans for the frugal

DealWaiter lurks until your product’s low price is found and then emails or Twitters you with the good news

Wired: Palm Pre vs. iPhone – details

Create hidden speakers with old books

DIY Air Conditioning Roundup

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Today’s sudden heat wave inspired me to make my own air conditioner.  I haven’t started the project yet but many others have posted their efforts for DIY AC online.  Before you start remember the following:

  • electricity and water don’t mix
  • watch out for leaks

Here are some of the best so far: – this guy gets credit for making the first DIY AC that earned major Internet attention. 

Make Magazine’s DIY Air Conditioner

Desktop AC made from a styrofoam takeout container – this Instructable tutorial has links to many other DIY AC plans

Loads of offerings on YouTube as well – do you own search.  Here’s a 4:27 tutorial.

MAKEZINE: Turn your scanner into a camera

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Make magazine has a great DIY project that turns your old, dusty scanner into a crazy camera.  They promise that your scanner will not suffer permanent damage so you can always reassemble it after the project.  Photos after the link.

Ten Minute List

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So, I went to a “Get Ready Marin” class on Saturday.  Two hours of clear info that we all need to know BEFORE the next earthquake, fire, flood, etc.  The class is well worth your timeYou can get a good idea at the website.

2007_getready.gifSeveral big ideas came out of the class. Here’s one for you to think about: you have TEN MINUTES to leave your house.

What do you take?  Now’s the time to think about what really matters to you. Not when someone tells you that you have only ten minutes to get out.

My list so far – assuming that family and pets are a given – includes hard drives with digital pics, important documents to prove who I am, emergency bag…looks like I have more work to do .

Ashley Qualls: Teenage Millionaire

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Thanks to Raina for bringing this story to my attention.

Ashley Qualls is a 17 year old who has built a fortune by giving away free myspace page backgrounds. Her income initially came from Google Adsense advertising placed on her pages. She is now diversifying into a magazine as well as other online content.

2007qualls1.jpgShe has hired her mother as an employee. She has turned down a $1.5 million offer for her website. Here site is rumored to receive more traffic than
Her website can be found at Ashley’s business is an excellent example of taking something that she loves and building her work around that idea.

Read on for a video piece on Ashley as well as links to some writeups about her success. Continue Reading Ashley Qualls: Teenage Millionaire…

Southern California fires – maps and info

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San Diego fires- Google map of fire locations and evacuation centers.

LA fires – Google map

KPBS provided good reports about the San Diego fires.   Their map is pretty good, too.  And their twitter feed provides a good picture as to how fast things are changing.

This video has been watched nearly 20 million times

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Explain. Please.

RC Mig 29

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1/5 Scaled Mig 29 – First Flight – video powered by Metacafe

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