Campaign poster assignment

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Create a campaign poster that includes the following elements:

  • image of the candidate
  • campaign slogan
  • candidate’s name

Choose a candidate who has never run for office before. 

You may use PowerPoint, Word or Photoshop to create your masterpiece. When you are done email you poster to rmilstead at tamdistrict dot org as an attachment.  Put the word ‘poster” in the subject line.

Election wrapup

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Google map of 2008 and historical returns

Best non-partisan moment of election day – CNN goes Star Wars and here and here!

Best non-partisan line “I love you both so much, and you have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us to the White House,” from Obama to his daughters.

Poll: how did you track last night’s election results?

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Call your own 2008 election

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CNN offers a great tool to call your own election by choosing winners by state.  Try it out.

Clinton gains a boon for Republicans?

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Interesting to hear Karl Rove, now a talking head on Fox News, comment that a Hillary Clinton nomination is a win for the Republican party.  What do you think?

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