Better than Line Rider?

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Could Crayon Games be better than Line Rider?  Looks good here.  I’ll let you know after I download it at


This video has been watched nearly 20 million times

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Explain. Please.

Homemade Roller Coaster

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Don’t try this at home – just watch the videos and be amazed.  Or scared.

Backyard Roller Coaster videos! 

Video Watch

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1GB of storage

(hopefully) plays MP3, WMA and MP4 (NXV) format.

Get the details here. 

Kazaa settles with recording industry

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Kazaa, the infamous and once popular file sharing network, has settled with the recording industry for an undisclosed financial penalty.  Why?  After a Supreme Court ruling that media companies could be found guilty of encouraging users to illegally trade copywritten material the party was over.  Morpheus, StreamCast and Kazaa were all eligible for lawsuit.

Earlier this year Kazaa’s parent company, Sharman Networks Lrd., agreed to take steps to block illegal file sharing on their networks and to pay $115 million in penalties.

Mark the time

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At 10:07 this evening I heard the first Christmas carol played on the tube.  If you are curious, I was watching the History Channel.

See this in LA

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The Academy or Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is offering a free exhibit called "It's Alive".  The exhibit features animatronic characters from Yoda to Predator that have been used in film. While CG has a strong part in current and future special effects, this exhibit shows the value of models and robots in film.

If you go- take some pictures and share them.

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