Free Photoshop in six months

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online osYep.  Free.

Of course, there is a catch.  This Photoshop will be ad-supported and run online.  The online version will not require anything to run it other than browser and (fairly fast) broadband connection.  Reports indicate that online Photoshop won’t offer all the options of the full version but will be enough to keep many people happy.

WHY?  Good question.  The days of selling a cardboard box with a CD inside are numbered.  Microsoft knows it because Google is breathing down their neck with products like online word processing and spreadsheet apps.  And online OS’s are already in beta and beyond.

Imagine using online apps and storing your stuff either online or on a flash drive.  You can use any computer to work or play without worrying about access to the software that you need.

Imagine paying a monthly fee to access the software. Can everything be free forever?

Flash MX 2004

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Once again, my hosting company ( is having issues.  I may switch back to paper.

Good thing I have the daily link as a handy backup.  Onwards.

Web design 2 folks:

1) Go to this link:

2) Scroll down to section H: Buttons.

3) Put on your headphones for this video tutorials and start with lesson 1- creating basic buttons -and move through all of the lessons in this section.

4) NOW…try to make your own custom buttons.

Flash tutorials

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Tutorial: Creating a Flash preloader

Tutorial: Creating the structure of a Flash-based site

Tutorial (audio and video): Atomic Learning Flash tutorials

Video Watch

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1GB of storage

(hopefully) plays MP3, WMA and MP4 (NXV) format.

Get the details here. 

Original Flash Stick Figures

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No description can prepare you for the simple originality of "Animator vs. Animation"

See it for yourself at

Flash tutorials

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