Start Dreaming: Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone

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Let’s be clear – this will never be a Mozilla product.  Concept only.  What is great is that it pushes the industry and form factor.

What’s really great is that this was designed by community and thousands of people like you had a say in the feature list.

Full details at

Time shares their vision of a 2010 digital mag

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Check out this video and join in the rumor mill.  Lots of folks think that this demo is a barely concealed, 2010 Mac tablet.  Or not.  The next 12 to 18 months in the tabler market are going to be very exciting.  I wouldn’t by a black and white e-reader now.  There’s too much on the horizon.

The first video clip shows the magazine interface in action on an HP touchscreen notebook.

The demo below is also compelling (aside from the creepy hands) and indicates that this tablet/interface  will be more than an e-reader.

If tech development stopped 25 years ago…

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…this is what life might be like for many of us.  The typewriter picnic shot is my favorite.

Visa Australia: Evolution

The ultimate in cell phone customizing: Modu

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Do you wish that your phone could grow a keyboard, change into a full size handset or shrink into a pocket sized model? All the while keeping your contacts and settings in place.

Modu wants to make that happen. Backed by a sizeable investment from SanDisk, Modu is pitching cell phone guts that could be moved from device to device.

Read the Business Week article for details. Slideshow is worth the trip.

UPDATE 2-13-08:
Video tour on gizmodo

Ashley Qualls: Teenage Millionaire

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Thanks to Raina for bringing this story to my attention.

Ashley Qualls is a 17 year old who has built a fortune by giving away free myspace page backgrounds. Her income initially came from Google Adsense advertising placed on her pages. She is now diversifying into a magazine as well as other online content.

2007qualls1.jpgShe has hired her mother as an employee. She has turned down a $1.5 million offer for her website. Here site is rumored to receive more traffic than
Her website can be found at Ashley’s business is an excellent example of taking something that she loves and building her work around that idea.

Read on for a video piece on Ashley as well as links to some writeups about her success. Continue Reading Ashley Qualls: Teenage Millionaire…

Google Teams With Ansari X-Prize to Inspire Renewed Lunar Exploration

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Get your lander on the moon by 2012 and win $30 million.  See video for details.

The challenges are varied but I find the idea of mining the Moon a bit creepy.

The Marin that could have been

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Dick Spotswood’s 9/2/07 column discussed some near-misses in Marin that would have radically changed our home.  Like a bridge from Tiburon to SF via Angel Island.

Read the column here.

Visit my Google maps tour of these choice locations.

Microsoft Surface Computer

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I showed a preview of this concept a few months ago. Like they say, from concept to reality. According to this video you can expect to see the Surface Computer in use and for sale by the end of 07.

Be sure to catch the way a digital camera interacts with this seemingly intuitive device. Look for it about 2:20 into the video.

E-Paper demo

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Watch the video demo showing a prototype device using a flexible, rollable display. These are NOT far away. Imagine how a display like this could change the shape of so many current devices. Plus, it could end up in all sorts of new locations.

View from outer space

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What are those black objects?  If you want the answer just follow this link.

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