E-paper concept

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2007_epaper_guide.jpgWhat could you do with e-paper?  Click the photo to see an interesting concpt from Nikita Golovlev.

The idea of a digital guidebook is great for the traveler.  Particularly appealing is the ability to store photos and attach a location to each pic via GPS.

Creator says life like robot puts people “at ease”

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If “at ease” means finding the nearest exit. Seriously, this college prof created this robot to serve as his substitute teacher, wired so that he deliver his classes from home via his robot twin.

Am I jealous? Yep – I want one.

Flying car…again

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2007gyrocopter.jpgBelieve me, I’m as thrilled as the next person when it comes to flying cars. My reality: I’m tired of promises- somebody make one so that I can juggle a latte’ while flying at 1500 feet.

The latest offering comes from a European company using the tried and true gyrocopter for the flying bits and and an impressive looking three-wheeled vehicle on the ground.

Details here.

DIY Automatic Waffle Maker

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Ok, I’m not sure how DIY or Automatic this gizmo is but it clearly works. I’d add a fridge for the waffle batter and a timer in version 2.0.

Encourage your kids to paint on the walls

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Although I really don’t think that this is just for kids. I would make my son take turns. Or I would just ask him to use crayons and paper instead.

The video is from a demo of the digital paintbucket.  I wonder if they keep a child captive just to make it more authentic?

President Al Gore’s Oval Office Address

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2007snl-gore.jpgFollow the link at the end of this post to see President Gore’s recent address to the nation. Trust me. Just watch. And then close your eyes and think about what could have been. The video opens in Windows Media Player.

Thanks to Crooks and Liars for preserving this piece of “history”. View their original post right here.

Free Photoshop in six months

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online osYep.  Free.

Of course, there is a catch.  This Photoshop will be ad-supported and run online.  The online version will not require anything to run it other than browser and (fairly fast) broadband connection.  Reports indicate that online Photoshop won’t offer all the options of the full version but will be enough to keep many people happy.

WHY?  Good question.  The days of selling a cardboard box with a CD inside are numbered.  Microsoft knows it because Google is breathing down their neck with products like online word processing and spreadsheet apps.  And online OS’s are already in beta and beyond.

Imagine using online apps and storing your stuff either online or on a flash drive.  You can use any computer to work or play without worrying about access to the software that you need.

Imagine paying a monthly fee to access the software. Can everything be free forever?

Google Patent Search

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Google Labs has unleashed their U.S. Patent search tool.  Now you can see if anyone else has your great idea.  Or how many iPhone patents Apple has registered.

Most Connected Schools

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Forbes Magazine and the Princeton review have compiled a list of the 20 Most Wired Schools (as in colleges and universities).  They are rated based on “size, scope and quality computing and technology offerings.”

#1 – Villanova – you get a laptop as a freshman, new one end of sophomore year, 60% of the campus is wifi.

MIT is second on the list and Stanford doesn’t make the top 10.

Read the Chronicle writeup here.

See the full Forebes report here. Pictures, too.

Draw your own furniture and watch it come to life!

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Using motion capture software it is possible to draw an object in thin air and watch a 3-D laser printer create your design.  Watch the video and visit the project’s website.2006_sketchurnitures07.jpg

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