Start Dreaming: Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone

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Let’s be clear – this will never be a Mozilla product.  Concept only.  What is great is that it pushes the industry and form factor.

What’s really great is that this was designed by community and thousands of people like you had a say in the feature list.

Full details at

Time shares their vision of a 2010 digital mag

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Check out this video and join in the rumor mill.  Lots of folks think that this demo is a barely concealed, 2010 Mac tablet.  Or not.  The next 12 to 18 months in the tabler market are going to be very exciting.  I wouldn’t by a black and white e-reader now.  There’s too much on the horizon.

The first video clip shows the magazine interface in action on an HP touchscreen notebook.

The demo below is also compelling (aside from the creepy hands) and indicates that this tablet/interface  will be more than an e-reader.

Case Study: When tech is good enough: Flip Video

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Peek for your email

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Buy the Peek for $99 and get unlimited email delivered to the device for twenty a month. T-Mobile provides the connect.

No voice. No web. No YouTube. Just email.

I wish this had been around about eight years ago – it would have been the perfect fit for some of my friends. But in 2008 why would you carry another gadget around when you have:

a) given up email for text

b)realized that you can get email on your phone

WHY?  Maybe Peek has the answers.

Asus EeePC Preview

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Ok, I am really starting to fixate on this tiny laptop.  The small size and low price are fascinating.  While many mainstream pubs are lumping this in with other gadgets targted at the tween or education market I think that would have value to many users.  Join me in my temporary obsession.


E-Paper demo

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Watch the video demo showing a prototype device using a flexible, rollable display. These are NOT far away. Imagine how a display like this could change the shape of so many current devices. Plus, it could end up in all sorts of new locations.

E-paper concept

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2007_epaper_guide.jpgWhat could you do with e-paper?  Click the photo to see an interesting concpt from Nikita Golovlev.

The idea of a digital guidebook is great for the traveler.  Particularly appealing is the ability to store photos and attach a location to each pic via GPS.

Keyboard Waffles

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2007_waffletype.jpgDo you waffle when you write?  Is your prose too syrupy?  Could you be a BATTER writer?

You can’t buy it but you can learn more about the creator, Chris Dimino, at his website.

Maker Faire Video Preview

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Car detects heartbeat?

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2007volvo_s80_pcc_key.jpgI’m still April Fool’s paranoid and can’t believe this isn’t a joke. But Volvo isn’t a company that jokes around.

The TV commerial opens with a woman approaching her car in a darkened and deserted parking lot. She looks down at her key fob and sees blinking lights; the car has detected a heartbeat IN THE CAR!! This has the makings of a high-tech ghost story.

The Volvo site indicates that it’s the real deal. Not only would this detect an intruder but also a dog or child left behind while you are busy talking on the phone.

Does it work? Who knows? My experience with heart rate monitors involves strapping a sensor around my chest and wearing a watch/heart rate monitor. When I run under the power lines near White Hill School my heart rate mysteriously triples. What would happen with my Volvo?

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