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The first TIE fighters were purple

What is 4G?  Good gizmodo explnation of a term taht we will hear ALOT about around here.

New Google TV/Logitech commercial

New offerings from Google Labs

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The Google News Timeline feature runs your search term through a news archive that includes Time Mag and many local newspapers.  Goes back to the forties.  History teachers are already giddy about this new tool.

Google Similar Images finds…similar images.  You find a pic of a Space Shuttle launch, click similar images, and view images that are close or exact matches to the original.

Google hosts LIFE magazine photos

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Google now hosts this amazing archive of photos.  While some will be familiar many have never been published before.

Search at

The photo at left is the “City of Tomorrow” from the ’39 World’s Fair.

Google Phone trial

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The emulator is right here:

Chrome: Google’s new browser

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Google has given birth to a new browser.  Add Chrome to your list of web browsing choices.

Gizmodo offers a first glance review with screenshots.

Why a new browser?  This brings Google one giant step closer to becoming your online operating system.  Gmail, google docs, googles sites…why buy anything else?

Google is not working as of 10:12 am

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Google, gmail, google video, even their ads. All dead in the water on our network.

If it’s global imagine how much money they are losing.

Update: back up at 10:24 am.  What happened?

Google Teams With Ansari X-Prize to Inspire Renewed Lunar Exploration

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Get your lander on the moon by 2012 and win $30 million.  See video for details.

The challenges are varied but I find the idea of mining the Moon a bit creepy.

Google Starts Charging $

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Well, the freebies couldn’t last forever. Even though the bulk of Google’s profits come from ad sales the are now branching out. Forbes reports that Continue Reading Google Starts Charging $…

Google Street View Captures Crime

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Or getting a morning workout?

Maybe he forgot his keys?

Send your Google street view screenshots to

Google maps street view

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2007_googlemapsstreet.jpgVisit Google maps and search for San Francisco. Click on the Street View button in the upper right. Move the little Google Person around on the blue streets and watch the view change.

Click in the street view and drag to rotate. Click an arrow to move N/S/E/W.

Zoom the street view and read license plates – see the faces of pedestrians.

Privacy? NO MORE!!

That said, I like it. Reminds of the long-gone A9 street view.

5/31/2007 update:

-available for SF, Denver, Vegas, Miami, NY
this is the type of van that captured the images

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