China is #1 Internet User

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The number of Chinese Internet users has passed 220 million according to a Beijing research firm. There are 216 million users in the U.S.

Percentagewise, it’s a bit more lopsided:
-71% of America’s total population use the Internet
-17% of the 1.3 billion Chinese use the web

I’m putting my 10 month old twins online today so that we can regain our edge.

Visuwords visual dictionary

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Search for a word in the Visuwords visual dictionary and you are rewarded with an eye-popping image showing the relationship between your word and related words.  Scroll to the bottom for the color code meanings.


Japanese High Speed Internet Connection: I might just move there

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2007_japannetspeed.gifNot really.

Consider this recent article in the Washington Post describing how the Japanese government encouraged a wide array of high speed Internet choices for consumers. So, it’s not just Comcast, slower DSL or classic dial-up. All sorts of providers offer a variety of prices and speeds, most better than what we can score in the states. The chart says it all.

Your Comcast connection probably runs about 1.5 megabits per second. Imagine Japan’s median download speed of 61 megabits per second. Amazing.

Virginia Tech School Newspaper

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If you want to learn more about the VA Tech shooting, the school’s newspaper is a good place to get behind network sensationalism and get…news.  Find it here:

The online version of the paper served as a real time resource during the shooting, providing minute by minute information to students locked down in computer labs and classrooms.

Get up from the couch and salute

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2007_spacecom.jpgRobert Adler passed away today at the age of 93.

Mr. Adler has 180 patents under his name but he is best remembered for one invention: the TV remote control.  The device that he invented used tiny hammers (I am not making this up) to create high-frequency sounds that the TV responded to when the appropriate button was pressed.

His invention became the Zenith Space Command and paved the way for 500 channels of (mostly) useless programming.  Imagine using the dial to skip the home shopping channels…

After 32 years without TV man buys 40 inch flatscreen

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Thirty-two peaceful years without TV.  Reading.  Talking to friends.   Sleeping, eating.  What to do with all the time?  Buy a TV!

For reasons not explained in the article, this gentleman decided to buy a television.  Not just any TV but a 40 inch flatscreen.  Maybe it was some sort of new year’s resolution.

Here are some of his observations:

Every other show is “CSI.”

Television sounds loud at any volume.

Karaoke is a cherished plot device.

PBS is even more serious in HD.

Read the rest right here.   Unless you are too “busy” watching TV.

Happy New Year.

AOL Digs For Gold

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AOL is digging for gold in the backyard of a notorious spammer’s family.  The spammer, David Hawke, has disappeared and so has the 12.8 million dollars that AOL hopes to collect per a court decision.  Hawke told his mother that he had purchased gold and other precious metals to preserve his funds instead of investing it in useless consumer luxuries (see MTV CRIBS).

CNN has the rest of the story:

Maybe if AOL hadn’t sent me one CD a week for the last 12 years they wouldn’t have to dig for gold.

Google Images Redone

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We all have gotten used to using Google images.  Until I used Imagery I never realized that it could be done better.  Imagery takes the Google images search results and adds easily accessible preferences, tabbed browsing and a photo bucket with zoom tools.  

You'll need to install Firefox 1.5 (it won't work with Internet Explorer)  before you visit 

Will it be Dreamweaver or GoLive?

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Ever since Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia inquiring minds have asked: What products will they keep? A recent Adobe statement about Dreamweaver and Illustrator says that the company would "concentrate [its] development efforts around these two products with regards to future innovation and Creative Suite integration." Would this suggest that GoLive is GoDead? Read more at Arstechnica.

Corporate Sites Hide Behind Flash and Buzz

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Look at – marketing the new Gigabeat media player. – anti-iPod campaign sponsored by Sandisk.

Both  sites make an effort to hide their affiliation with large corporations. gives the appearance of a viral marketing/guerrilla campaign against iPods that has little to with making money.  Aside from the fact that they sell t-shirts.

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