New iPhone 3GS…meh

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Ok, so you can read about the tech differences between iPhone 2G and 3GS in many places. My rant is about the new $99 price for the 3G.  For those of us who haven’t purchased an iPhone by now the issue is not the price of the phone.  Bummer for someone who bought a 3G in the recent past.

For me the price of the phone isn’t an issue.  It’s the price of the monthly service.  Continue Reading New iPhone 3GS…meh…

Friday news

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Engadget’s page for Monday’s WWDC live blog page – starts at 10 am our time

Palm Pre review comparison

New Pre Commercial – Olympic Opening Cermonies, anyone?

Robot Baby Carriage – why didn’t this exist two years ago? WHY???!!!

WSJ confirms new iPhone rumors twice in one article. Bonus: Twitter feed used as source

Google Street View offers pancake nav and a new zoom tool – search and see

Wednesday Roundup

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Tetris turns 25 years old

Will we get a $99 iPhone on June 11th?

BestBuy bracing for iPhone 3G rumors

Friday News and Rumors

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Wired talks about new iPhone plans for the frugal

DealWaiter lurks until your product’s low price is found and then emails or Twitters you with the good news

Wired: Palm Pre vs. iPhone – details

Create hidden speakers with old books

Finally, iPhone hands on

July 31, 2008 at 9:42 pm | Posted in tech | 1 Comment
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Yes, I was granted exclusive access to a fully functional iPhone today. The event took place because no one was in line at the AT&T store to play with the gadget. So much for exclusive hands-on access.

The gadget was great. Search for “iphone review” and you will get a better review than I can give. My wife and I were impressed by the totally intuitive and clean interface. She was impressed by the touch screen and easy access to the web. We did find the lack of copy and paste odd. Sure, you can by third party apps to do the trick but that’s like adding reverse to a car as an after market purchase. What’s the deal? Continue Reading Finally, iPhone hands on…

iPhone poll

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iPhone 3G reality check: $839.88 a year

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Yes. The specs make some folks giddy. And the price drop will drive many to buy even those “with pink slips in one hand and credit cards in other.”

Simmer down now and let’s do some math. Minimum monthly fees are $30/month for data and another $39.99/month for voice. From what I hear you can’t have one without the other.

30+39.99=69.99X12=$839.88 a year not including ATT’s extra fees and taxes. Is it worth it?

What would Suze Ormann say?

ATT details here.

Does anyone know if users will be charged extra for GPS use?

Google’s take on social networking

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Google is unveiling Friend Connect, an easy to use module that plugs into existing pages. Instead of driving people to one site (Facebook, MySpace) to communciate, Google’s plan is to bring them to connected sites. There is no central.

More at CNET.

Blackberry Bold expected this summer

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The rumors are true. BB will release the Bold sometime late June. Price will shake out to between $330-$500. Accepts up to 16gb SD card. Removable battery. I think wifi? Stay tuned. Some competition for the iPhone. Good news for me – it will push the price of other smartphones DOWN.

iPhone SDK – what does it all mean

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Here’s the summary:

1. SDK = software development kit.  This information is critical to those who want to write applications that run on an iPhone.

2. Why does it matter? The SDK release gives software developers (they write programs) the ability to create and sell third party software for the iPhone.  This was Palm’s plan from long ago and is one of the few things that makes a Palm worth owning.  Given the success of the iPhone this will further boost its popularity.

Apps will be sold through the Apple Store and Apple takes a 30% cut.

3. Why do you care?  In the words of the the Washington Post “this makes iPhone the phone to beat.”

4. Interesting details: the apps must be written on a Mac which makes one wonder how well they would talk from iPhone to PC.  If I were Steve Jobs, I’d use this as one more way to sway users to the Mac platform.

Here’s the full post writeup. 

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