Photos: Big Screen Kindle PLUS Textbooks!

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Some after dinner trolling of engadget yielded this update.  Here’s the Sparknotes version:
-9.7 inch screen (Kindle 2 currently has a 6 inch screen)
-built-in PDF reader
-five universities are signed up to test drive the Kindle for textbooks

More on Wednesday.  Like price.

Amazon releases new Kindle

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Thinner and still $350.  What a deal?  You tell me. 

Bonus: it comes with a pre-loaded Stephen King story.  What a deal.

Video and pics right here.

Fresno School District buys 1,000 eeePC’s

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The two pound laptop goes to school.  Fresno schools will be euipped with 1,000 of these budget, two-pound wonders.  The laptops will not travel with students.  Instead, they will remain in classrooms.  This is a cheap way to outfit alot of classrooms but you have to wonder if this is better than building two or three dedicated, networked labs at each school.  Wait til the little machines start to die or disappear.

Not that I wouldn’t buy one to play with.

I still think that digital textbooks on a Kindle is a better idea.

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