Obama, Japan

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It’s true- there is an Obama, Japan. Check the map.  I read about it in the New Yorker this week.

Which nation officially flies its flag upside down in times of war?

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2997tr_geoquiz_3.jpgDo you know the answer?

If so, try your hand at the Chronicle’s Geography Quiz right here.

The Marin that could have been

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Dick Spotswood’s 9/2/07 column discussed some near-misses in Marin that would have radically changed our home.  Like a bridge from Tiburon to SF via Angel Island.

Read the column here.

Visit my Google maps tour of these choice locations.

Google Street View Captures Crime

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Or getting a morning workout?

Maybe he forgot his keys?

Send your Google street view screenshots to rod@rodmilstead.com.

Microsoft Street View

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2007_local_live_street.jpgMicrosoft is offering a beta version of their street preview.  It offers some interesting alternatives to the Google Street View discussed below.  You can view downtown SF or Seattle.

Find it here: http://preview.local.live.com/

Google maps street view

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2007_googlemapsstreet.jpgVisit Google maps and search for San Francisco. Click on the Street View button in the upper right. Move the little Google Person around on the blue streets and watch the view change.

Click in the street view and drag to rotate. Click an arrow to move N/S/E/W.

Zoom the street view and read license plates – see the faces of pedestrians.

Privacy? NO MORE!!

That said, I like it. Reminds of the long-gone A9 street view.

5/31/2007 update:

-available for SF, Denver, Vegas, Miami, NY
this is the type of van that captured the images

E-paper concept

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2007_epaper_guide.jpgWhat could you do with e-paper?  Click the photo to see an interesting concpt from Nikita Golovlev.

The idea of a digital guidebook is great for the traveler.  Particularly appealing is the ability to store photos and attach a location to each pic via GPS.

Track Flights on Google Earth

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O’Hare ArrivalsSFO arrivalsOnline flight tracking is a great tool and very handy.  To add a visual thrill, try tracking a flight via Google earth. Click on the individual aircraft icon to see speed and altitude.

Or you can watch all flights headed to and from a specific airport. Click the thumbnails to see arrivals screenshots from O’hare and SFO.

See it all at fboweb.com.

Google Maps Peak Finder

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Have you ever stared at a horizon full of peaks and wondered, “Hey, what’s that?” Now you can figure it out (once you get home, that is).


Visit http://www.heywhatsthat.com/ and navigate the map to the spot that you desire. Click on the “new panorama” button and fill in some blanks. Wait for a couple of minutes and you will get a full-blown 360 degree pano of surrounding peaks. Click on the red triangle and learn more about the peak. The map belows gives a birds-eye view and distance from you to the summit.

Flash Maps mapping tool comparision

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http://www.flashearth.com/ compares maps.  Google Maps aren’t perfect and here is proof.

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