Historic Marin fire revisted

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Today’s growing fire in the Santa Cruz mountains, combined with yesterday’s Sleepy Hollow wildfire, prompts me to remind my readers about big fires in Marin History.

Marin is ripe for a fire given the heavy fuel load and decades without any big fire. Are you ready? How about your house?

New policy at White Hill School?

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IMG_3725What’s going on over at White Hill? Horses galloping through recess?

UFO spotted in Marin County

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I rarely leave home without my digital camera.  Luckily, the other night was no exception.  Watch and see for yourself.


Ten Minute List

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So, I went to a “Get Ready Marin” class on Saturday.  Two hours of clear info that we all need to know BEFORE the next earthquake, fire, flood, etc.  The class is well worth your timeYou can get a good idea at the website.

2007_getready.gifSeveral big ideas came out of the class. Here’s one for you to think about: you have TEN MINUTES to leave your house.

What do you take?  Now’s the time to think about what really matters to you. Not when someone tells you that you have only ten minutes to get out.

My list so far – assuming that family and pets are a given – includes hard drives with digital pics, important documents to prove who I am, emergency bag…looks like I have more work to do .

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