Live small, live cheap

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In an effort to save money and reduce their impact on the planet, people are choosing to live more simply.  One of the most obvious ways to reduce your footprint is literal – live in a smaller house.

Take the couple featured in this CNN article.  They ditched their 1800 square foot home for a 154 square foot home that cost about $15,000.  This involves getting rid of a lot of stuff along the way.

Article here. offer more details…

Finally, iPhone hands on

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Yes, I was granted exclusive access to a fully functional iPhone today. The event took place because no one was in line at the AT&T store to play with the gadget. So much for exclusive hands-on access.

The gadget was great. Search for “iphone review” and you will get a better review than I can give. My wife and I were impressed by the totally intuitive and clean interface. She was impressed by the touch screen and easy access to the web. We did find the lack of copy and paste odd. Sure, you can by third party apps to do the trick but that’s like adding reverse to a car as an after market purchase. What’s the deal? Continue Reading Finally, iPhone hands on…

iPhone 3G reality check: $839.88 a year

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Yes. The specs make some folks giddy. And the price drop will drive many to buy even those “with pink slips in one hand and credit cards in other.”

Simmer down now and let’s do some math. Minimum monthly fees are $30/month for data and another $39.99/month for voice. From what I hear you can’t have one without the other.

30+39.99=69.99X12=$839.88 a year not including ATT’s extra fees and taxes. Is it worth it?

What would Suze Ormann say?

ATT details here.

Does anyone know if users will be charged extra for GPS use?

Yale money manager shares investment advice

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David Swensen made a 28% return on Yale’s endowment last year.  Would you like to know how?  NPR has the goods.

If he invested a $1000 of your cash at the end of the year you would have been $280 richer.  Not bad.

Empty your wallet – there’s a new iPhone and iPod touch to buy!!

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Obey me!!Apple press release “‘For some users, there’s never enough memory,’ said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide iPod and iPhone Product Marketing.”

The lowdown: double the memory – iphone 16gb/$499 and 8gb/$399. iPod touch 32gb/$499, 16gb/$399, 8gb/$299

I’m waiting for iPhone 2.o before I throw any money to Mr. Jobs. What would your perfect iPhone 2.0 offer? Add your comments below.

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